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Will LP Gas Shortage Affect 2014 Spring Plant Prices?

                         Baby seedlings and cuttings at Knobloch's Greenhouse mean SPRING IS ON THE WAY! 

With all the recent news of LP gas shortages which is resulting in very high prices for LP gas, you may be wondering if this will have an affect on your plant prices this spring? We are thankful to say that this will not translate into higher prices at Knobloch's Greenhouse this spring! While we do heat our greenhouses with propane, we contracted our LP gas needs in August 2013 and have been reassured that our gas is in storage for when we need it. So, Knobloch's Greenhouse will be able to maintain the same prices as the 2013 season and not raise the prices for the 2014 season. Good news for you as you start planning for spring!

Although it has been bitter cold outside, spring is well on its way inside the greenhouse! We are busy rooting cuttings and sowing seeds which means the greenhouse is filled with lots of plug trays filled with little, baby plants!

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Looking forward to this weekend , we plan on loading the car up!

May 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRiver rat

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