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10 Years in the "New Store"!

As the 2018 spring season comes to a close, we are thankful for 10 years in our "new store". Those of our long-time customers may remember the days in our "old store" (although this feels so long ago even for us!)

In honor of 10 years, here's a behind-the-scenes trip down memory lane, starting with a few shots of our former retail area:


As business continued to grow, the narrow aisles and general lack of space had us exploring options for expanding our retail area after Spring 2007.


We were abundantly blessed with an opportunity to purchase a large greenhouse from a company that had gone out of business. The only catch was that we had to take it down before moving it to our place.



While we originally intended to just add on to our existing retail area, this opportunity allowed us to take down some of the existing greenhouses and start fresh with a new, improved, and much larger retail area!




After all the dismantling was done, it was time to level the ground and start constructing!

Many hours were spent painting all the pieces...


...before they went up!

Putting plastic on the roof is always a family bonding experience. ;)


It was all sealed up by fall... we could spend the winter getting the inside ready.



And soon it was Spring 2008 and we had our first season in our New Store!


Each of the past 10 years, we have been so thankful for the larger space that is much more user-friendly for both us and our customers. We are so grateful for your continued business that has allowed us to grow and made this all possible. We enjoy the opportunity to serve your planting needs!


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