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Change has been a very normal part of Knobloch’s over the years.  Many times, we have written about facility improvements, new varieties, or new practices to help make you a more successful gardener.  It is safe to say that we have recently had the largest change ever and could have never anticipated it.  Little did we realize that the 2014 spring would be Beth’s last spring with Knobloch’s Greenhouse.  On January 29, 2015, Beth passed away from a brain tumor.

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, Beth collapsed at church and was air flighted to Sioux Falls.  We found out initially that she had a Dens fracture on the C2 vertebrae in her neck from her fall, but they were more concerned about what caused the seizure that they felt she had.  After much testing, we found out she had a tumor in the left frontal lobe of her brain.  She had surgery on August 26, 2014, to remove the tumor.  Pathology confirmed our worst fears: it was glioblastoma (GBM).  The same type of brain cancer that Beth's brother Perry had, so we knew a little what it meant.  After Beth’s incision was healed, she started radiation and oral chemo treatments, which were to last six weeks.  Then on Sunday, November 2, 2014, at church again, and at almost the same time and the same exact place as her first seizure 11 weeks prior, Beth started having facial seizures.  We got on the road immediately, heading to ER.  Shortly after we got to ER, the seizures increased dramatically, for which they used sedation to control which put her completely out for three days.  An MRI confirmed that only 5 weeks into treatment (with 6 days still remaining for the initial round), the removed tumor had grown back completely and was causing the seizures.  We were informed that there were no more treatment options left, so we transitioned from treatment to hospice.

One of the big issues that we dealt with from the relapse all the way to the end was seizure meds.  Due to Beth’s struggle with swallowing, a result of the surgery, it was necessary to switch from oral to IV meds.  As a result, she needed to stay in the hospital setting.  On November 12, 2014, Beth moved from the hospital in Sioux Falls to the hospital in Rock Rapids which put us a little closer to home.  After a few weeks, Beth had a very strong desire to go back to her home (she basically hadn't been home for three months).  After much research and effort by hospital and hospice staff, a plan was in place for Beth to move home.  On December 19, 2014, we finally made it back home.  Almost six weeks later, in the very early morning hours of January 29, 2015, Beth very peacefully passed from this life.

Beth was heavily involved in the growth of Knobloch’s.  From the very beginning, she has been instrumental in almost every aspect of the business.  Beth’s passion was marketing and customer service.  She was always concerned about things being “customer friendly” or as easy as possible for the customer.  Beth was always willing to make changes that made things easier, simpler, or more useful for the customer.  Most of what you see or experience at Knobloch’s has Beth’s "fingerprints" on it, including:
• Store Design and Traffic Flow  • The Angled Benches • Organization of the Layout of Plants
• All the Signs and T-Stakes  • Rest Rooms • Color-Coded Sun/Shade Markings  • Displays
• Efficiency at Check Out  • Background Music  • Shopping Carts (and the maps) • General Cleanliness

We miss Beth tremendously, but the children have a huge desire to continue Mom’s legacy.  They have done a great job at getting things done to keep things going in her absence.  Our hope is that you will notice little change from previous years; however we always welcome your input or suggestions, which is what Beth always asked for.  We love to hear stories and memories about Beth and appreciate when you share those memories.  We also appreciate the care, concern, and prayers that many of you have shared on our behalf.  It doesn’t seem like enough, but Thank You!